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  • Sparklier Vomit, Set of 7 Polyhedral Dice
  • Sparklier Vomit, Set Of 7 Polyhedral Dice
    SKU: GDIC-1161

    CRITICAL HIT The Wiz Dice community has spoken. You guys wanted the Sparkle Vomit dice to feature more sparkles, and feature more shiny characteristics. We've heard you and we have finally delivered. Introducing: Sparklier Vomit! This new edition of our beloved Sparkle Vomit set features even more g...

  • $17.89

  • Titan Dice, Achlys
  • Titan Dice, Achlys
    SKU: GDIC-2503

    Favor of the GodsThe swamp giant Morganth roars with rage, its legendary oaken warhammer crushing trees into the mire. Sensing the critical opportunity to strike, the wizard Kitrhi raises her wand. "Mother Achlys, patron of death, curse this baneful monster." The wand emits a muted green aura, then ...

  • $29.89

  • Faerie Chess
  • Faerie Chess
    SKU: GGAM-105

    Checkmate!Marshal your forces from the traditional chess roster or entreat the aid of powerful new pieces like the Inquisitor, Thief, and Jester. Employ your best tricks and tactics to win the day, but be warned! Your opponent may make some gambits of their own.Since the 6th century, chess has been ...

  • $39.19

  • Big Box Deck Box, Blue
  • Big Box Deck Box, Blue
    SKU: GPLA-526

  • $16.89


  • #24 Light Blonde - 20 inch Remi
  • #24 Light Blonde - 20 Inch Remi
    SKU: PRRM-20-24

    This Pro Extensions clip in hair extension set is Colored #24 Light Blonde. Pro Extensions are 100% human hair extensions. This set of hair extensions is 20" long and 39" wide. This hair extensions set is Grade A+ Remi, Color #24 Light Blonde. Remi hair extensions is considered the world's finest gr...

  • $146.39

  • 1000 Ct - Pre-Packaged - Black Diamond 14 G - Aluminum
  • 1000 Ct - Pre-packaged - Black Diamond 14 G - Aluminum
    SKU: CSBD-1000AL

    You will receive 6 denominations in this 14 gram Black Diamond poker chip set. The breakout is as follows:

    300 white $1 chips
    200 red $5 chips
    200 green $25 chips
    200 black $100 chips
    50 purple $500 chips
    50 yellow $1,000 chips

    Included is the aluminum 1,000 coun...

  • $195.74

  • 200Ct Claysmith Gaming "Milano" Chip Set in Carousel Case
  • 200ct Claysmith Gaming "milano" Chip Set In Carousel Case
    SKU: CSML-200C

    This is the 200 Ct "Milano" Casino clay poker chip set from Claysmith Gaming in a carousel case. This set includes 200 real casino quality clay poker chips and 2 decks of playing cards. Claysmith offers true casino quality poker chips for the home player.

    This set includes: 50 $1, 50 $5...

  • $97.26

  • Anchor and Preserver Key Hook
  • Anchor And Preserver Key Hook
    SKU: 0184S-0758

    Anchor and Preserver Key Hook
    Cast iron nautical key hook measures 11 1/8"W x 5 3/4"H x 1 1/2"D.

  • $24.38

  • Halfling's Haversack, 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice
  • Halfling's Haversack, 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice
    SKU: GDIC-1710

    Mighty MinisSay hello to the Halfling's Haversack, the Wiz's newest offering to his plethora of polyhedral dice product. Inside the tiny green bag you'll find 140 mini polyhedral dice in twenty brilliant colors. These puppies measure a miniscule 10mm tall, which is about 2/5ths of an inch, but pack ...

  • $39.89

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